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Aelody - I've had ENOUGH! by FieryMamaRow Aelody - I've had ENOUGH! :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 2 0 Aelody - BnS 1 by FieryMamaRow Aelody - BnS 1 :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 2 0 Sei - Crimson Legion 2 by FieryMamaRow Sei - Crimson Legion 2 :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 2 0 Sei - Crimson Legion by FieryMamaRow Sei - Crimson Legion :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 2 0
A Murderous Graduation
'OH COME ON GUYS!  Its our last hurrah!  Then we go off to Hellebore!  And from what I hear, there's a reason Hell is part of its name.'
'No thanks. Believe it or not, I actually want to do well on my finals.' The purple haired female replied.
'Fuck finals... We already got into high school.  They don't matter!'
Miyako glared at her idiot overzealous outgoing brother, and brought a book to her face. 'No.  That's that.'
Isamu was busy strumming his guitar, conveniently ignoring the conversation.  It mostly had to do with the fact he was going whether he liked it or not.  Mamo had that effect on him. He could stage one of his quiet protests all he wanted, but Mamoru would just end up dragging him out the door anyway.
'Fine... Don't come Miya.  But I am stealing some of your clothes okay?' He grinned impishly before looking at his twin. 'You, on the other hand, are coming. Like it or not.  And you're bringing Chihiro as your date.'
He made an a
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 3 0
Chocolate Overindulgence pt. 2
"What's wrong, babe?" Mamo asked, suddenly concerned. "Should I stop eating these?"
Roen shrugged. Dead. He was quite literally dead. No, that was too easy... he was far worse than dead. He was spend-an-eternity-in-the-abyss-while-being-endlessly-tortured kind of fucked. "...Doesn't matter." He said, finally. "Those aren't drugged....that was the box of plain ones....." 
Mamo looked down at the box, frowning. "You made two boxes? Where are the other ones, then...?"
Roen couldn't even look at Mamo and answer him.
'Please tell me its not Seiichi.' Mamoru said bluntly.  He was trying to think who the hell Roen could have given chocolates to that would make him like this.  Seiichi and Hiro were the only ones that came to mind.  Although, even then, Roen would probably find it amusing after the initial shock wore off.
Roen shook his head. 'Its...'  No.  He couldn't admit it. And after they had help him too.  How could he have been such
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 2 0
A Truth Reborn
Seiichi sighed as he got out of the bath.  Hiroki and Satoshi had gone off together today, leaving him alone. He'd tried to stop them, he hated when they went off and did things without him.  It sparked a bit of jealousy in him perhaps. Not that he'd ever admit to such a thing.  He grabbed a towel and dried off his body, and then dried his hair.  He then grabbed the black pajama bottoms that were folded neatly on the toilet seat and put them on grumbling. 'Dammit... I hate being alone.  Don't you two know that by now?'
Again he sighed, placing his hands on the counter, staring at himself in the mirror.  The man who stared back at him, reverted back to that insecure little teenager who felt alone in the world without his mother around, and that no one believed.  The case had been long solved, but still he had some security issues to deal with.  He stared at the man in the mirror a little longer, before hanging up the towel again and leaving the ba
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 2 0
The Shooting of Memories
Mamo sighed.  He had told Roen he was working in the tattoo shop today. He even hand on his dark wash blue jeans and a white tank top to prove it.  Along with a brown leather jacket.  But usually, he rode the bike to work, instead today, in his hand, he was holding the keys to Princess, his black classic jaguar. Nori, his nephew and manager, would kill him if he came to a photo shoot on his bike.  Just then however, he got a text.
This is going to sound weird, but bring the bike.  
Sei will drive Princess over, so leave the keys
out for him.
                                                                                    Run that by me again?
Don't make
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 3 3
Love Is:
Not Screaming at your husband when he uses your computer with greasy fingers
Telling your husband you appreciate him cooking dinner, even though all he did was stick the package in the microwavePicking up your husbands socks off your recently spotlessly cleaned floor, resisting the urge to cram them back into his clean socks drawerRewashing the laundry you JUST folded because your kids destroyed it That recently spotlessly cleaned floor has now been covered in legos, cars, trucks, food, and other who knows what, making you wonder why you cleaned it in the first place... and not crying.Spending two hours making a wonderful, tasty dinner...Watching your your husband and kids eat only a couple bites of that amazing dinner before deciding they aren't hungry -- and managing to not pull your hair outBuying a pizza a half hour later as you're putting food away, because THAT's when kids+husband decide they are hungry (and you don't have
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 3 3
Mature content
The Making of a Fire Dragon :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 2 2
Things to Keep Track Of
Place names
Fyrenzxhia - Fire District Capital
Nokimaku - Wind District Capital
Aeryus High School - Specialty school in Nokimaku (Jace and Chi and went to this high school)
Hellebore Misericordia High School - Specialty school in Nokimaku (Masahiros went here, Sato teaches here, Luca is headmaster here)
Nokimaku High School - Regular high school
Merrow Hospital - Specialty Hospital
Nokimaku Hospital - Standard Hospital
Central Ministry - Where ETF currently holds its offices, also where Ministers gather when they are in session, and secretly connected to the residence of the high minister
Bloody Mari Recording Studios - Owned by Masahiros. Run by Jace.  Named after Mariko
9th Street Club -- Hiro and Sei's club, managed by Naoki
Masahiro Hotel -- Hotel owned by Masahiros, penthouse apartment belongs to Hiro, Sei, Sato.
Temple of the Dead, Wind Temple -- both are next to each other,
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 3 1
The Lover's Secret
Grandmother hadn't come out of her room in years it seemed like.  Ever since Chihiro died, she was withdrawn from society.  Well, actually, it was more that she adapted Sami's personality.  Well, at least his twin got up and left not only his room, but the house.  He supposed that Jace was a key factor in that.  Grandmother didn't have anyone.  It wasn't that Grandmother had been forgotten by any means.  She was still queen of the house, and what she said went.  But she just didn't want to deal with people. Mamoru sighed as he knocked on the door.  He and Grandmother, ever since Father, or the man they thought was their father until recently anyway, mercilessly abused him for being gay that first time, had developed a close bond.  So it was natural that he'd want her to be involved in this plan he had.
'Grandmother.  Might I come in?'
The soft voice, that sounded like a feminine version of Sami's, replied.  'Of course Mamoru.
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 3 8
Everyone's Human
I won't pretend that I'm perfect. But sometimes, I really hate people.  Or rather, their ignorance and/or sheer stupidity.  
It's easy to hate that which you don't understand.  There are many things in the world that are hard to understand, different from one person to next.  But the thing that has always bothered me is that people find it so easy to hate others because they are different.
This may be my own ignorance talking but I can't think of any religion where it is okay to kill/harm other people. Period.  I believe that God is understanding when it comes to war, or fighting for your country, as it takes great strength to do so, defend the land you're a part of. Defend its values. Defend its people  That is the only exception.  But what to me is a slap in the face to all those who fight for our country to maintain the freedom, is when we hate people and condemn them, simply because of who they are.  
Black white purple red, male female non-b
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 4 1
Mature content
Chocolate Overindulgence pt. 1 :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 3 3
#30 -Vampire Kitty In A Compromising Situation by FieryMamaRow #30 -Vampire Kitty In A Compromising Situation :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 9 7
The Transfer
After Seiichi left, Fred planted his face down on his desk.  The temptation to sleep was far too great.  But then again, he did want to see this case through that fell in his lap.  It did involve his secretary after all.  Which meant it could be a huge scandal.  There would be an internal affairs investigation to see how deep the roots of this case went of course, which wouldn't be easy for him. He could potentially lose his job. Though it was doubtful since he had nothing to do with any of this other than it was his secretary. He sighed and looked at the clock on the wall. It was 7 am now.  If he left at about 2 pm he could make it to the ETF offices on time and early even.  That gave him about seven hours.
Just then his office phone rang. 'Fyrenzxhia Police Chief Flynn speaking.'
'Ah good.  I am glad you answered, as I don't have your cell number.  Commander Masahiro just phoned me.  Told me he finally got you to agree to join the tas
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 6 4


One by Elvaneyl One :iconelvaneyl:Elvaneyl 10 11 Elf prince by sakimichan Elf prince :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 7,447 204 Sun DayDream by Sallynyan Sun DayDream :iconsallynyan:Sallynyan 443 39 Jaiden Roots by DizzyAlyx Jaiden Roots :icondizzyalyx:DizzyAlyx 280 12 016 Sweater Weather by Bringmemisery 016 Sweater Weather :iconbringmemisery:Bringmemisery 25 7 Saint Seiya Mu- My style by AStrawberryDream Saint Seiya Mu- My style :iconastrawberrydream:AStrawberryDream 15 15 The One-Eyed Dragon by MissMidgely The One-Eyed Dragon :iconmissmidgely:MissMidgely 5 0 Ref for LovelyLarper #3 by Dantes-adopts Ref for LovelyLarper #3 :icondantes-adopts:Dantes-adopts 7 0 Ref for Shaygoyle #3 by Dantes-adopts Ref for Shaygoyle #3 :icondantes-adopts:Dantes-adopts 6 1 The One-Eyed Dragon: Process by MissMidgely The One-Eyed Dragon: Process :iconmissmidgely:MissMidgely 6 0 Ref for LovelyLarper #4 by Dantes-adopts Ref for LovelyLarper #4 :icondantes-adopts:Dantes-adopts 6 0 Hot Gaia Adopt (PENDING, OTA) by Jay-and-Kos Hot Gaia Adopt (PENDING, OTA) :iconjay-and-kos:Jay-and-Kos 7 10 WATCH WHERE YA GOIN YA FOOL by ugly-g0d WATCH WHERE YA GOIN YA FOOL :iconugly-g0d:ugly-g0d 135 5 Cadr by 50ShadesOfGW2 Cadr :icon50shadesofgw2:50ShadesOfGW2 3 1 Kaijimori Mizuma update by AStrawberryDream Kaijimori Mizuma update :iconastrawberrydream:AStrawberryDream 12 0 Usagi Tsukino by Maya-nyan Usagi Tsukino :iconmaya-nyan:Maya-nyan 83 8


Chinese Zodiac.:Horse:. by sakimichan Chinese Zodiac.:Horse:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 9,932 233 [DOODLE(?)] ~ japaness festival ~ by May-Shad [DOODLE(?)] ~ japaness festival ~ :iconmay-shad:May-Shad 26 38 Bird by Rippingaxe Bird :iconrippingaxe:Rippingaxe 10 0 Roukara Commission by WindSwirl Roukara Commission :iconwindswirl:WindSwirl 182 45 Sigh... by ugly-g0d Sigh... :iconugly-g0d:ugly-g0d 186 35 Amarok Headshot by FelonDog Amarok Headshot :iconfelondog:FelonDog 193 52 Notulia. by 50ShadesOfGW2
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Notulia. :icon50shadesofgw2:50ShadesOfGW2 1 1
OC: Kat by Bringmemisery OC: Kat :iconbringmemisery:Bringmemisery 23 5 Juri update by AStrawberryDream Juri update :iconastrawberrydream:AStrawberryDream 6 10 [Random] Naiko New Design by Zapklink [Random] Naiko New Design :iconzapklink:Zapklink 89 56 Our Intention is to Fade by ShintoIceCream Our Intention is to Fade :iconshintoicecream:ShintoIceCream 156 30 Punk Rock | Commission by Winzer Punk Rock | Commission :iconwinzer:Winzer 86 24 Checkmate Oc by Lani-Senpai Checkmate Oc :iconlani-senpai:Lani-Senpai 12 15 C :: Minnisu by rimuu C :: Minnisu :iconrimuu:rimuu 2,742 67 Wolf Headshot Commission - Ignatius by Starstream18 Wolf Headshot Commission - Ignatius :iconstarstream18:Starstream18 7 0 Echo by Trioza Echo :icontrioza:Trioza 217 52


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Oh no! 3 weeks left on my core! Must make the most of this amazing gift I've been given! 

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No deviants said Do my subfolders go away when it expires?
No deviants said Damn, they probably do
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No deviants said Okay, so how should I let my Core go out with a bang?
No deviants said I'm not sure
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FieryMamaRow's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

My Works

I am a literary artist through and through. I mostly have written poetry in the past, although recently I have been doing more writing of short stories and novellas. Right now, I'm working on a lot of works mostly relating to my fantasy characters. I call the whole project 'Masahiro' even though I've really created an entire world that doesn't involve just Masahiros.
Occassionally I also write stories relating to my Guild Wars Characters, which is actually how I started out my Masahiro short story phase. I've also written stories in the past about my Lord of the Rings characters. Who knows, maybe I'll write more of those in the future.
I'm getting around to doing profiles of all my Main OCs, but since I have so many, its taking forever, especially since writing down the profiles is far more boring than writing stories. However they are coming!

The Artist's Profile

Name: Rowena, Row, Runi, Elanna, Amruniel, etc. Sorry you don't get my actual RL name. ;)
Age: Over 25, Under 30... That's all you're getting. Muahahahahahaha. Okay fine, I'm 28.
Gender:Non-Binary (cough... but to RL people, female cause I'm not out about that lol)
Hair Color Sepia (v. dark brown) with terracotta highlights
Eye Color Chocolate Brown
Height Too Short

My Favorites

Anime Yuri on Ice, Bleach
Manga Ranma 1/2
Disney MovieAladdin
Movie in General I'll get back to you, there are a lot
Books/Series Lord of the Rings, Les Miserables, Belgariad, Mallorean, To Kill a Mockingbird
Author Tolkien
Poet Langston Hughes
Artist Monet
Videogame Any Lego Videogame, Guild Wars 2, and a few others
Color Dark Purple, Silver and Green (together), Red and Black (together)

Other Info

You are welcome to draw any of my characters should you choose, just please credit me, AND tag me, cause I totally want to see!
Also Thank yous for faves, watches, llamas, etc, are not necessary, though appreciated. If you give me one of the following you can expect a watch/llama back within about 24 hours. (Give or take, I am a parent first and foremost so never know)
There is a donation box just below this as well, so do please donate if you choose so I can extend core, and pay for commissions, however it is of course not necessary!

Contact Info

I'm reachable here, or one of three other methods. Just a heads up though, if you contact me the other three ways, please let me know you are from dA and who you are, or I might hit delete/block
Email: rowena.annis @
Skype: rowenaellenweorc
Discord: FieryMamaRow#2602

Skype is probably the best way to reach me. Or a tag/note here lol

(Deviant ID Pic courtesy of :iconelvaneyl: of my babs Isamu and Mamoru.)


Could use lots and lots of hugs ... broke down last night... *sigh* Dysphoria SUCKS
This time its an awesome moment between me and ConfusedLittleKitty 
[7:48:57 PM] ConfusedLittleKitty: well that was strange.... the muscle in my arm spasmed
[7:49:12 PM] Eamon Ellenweorc: HAHAHA
[7:49:21 PM] Eamon Ellenweorc: its cause we're talking politics
[7:49:24 PM] ConfusedLittleKitty: LOL
[7:49:27 PM] Eamon Ellenweorc: its allergic to the discussion
[7:49:28 PM] ConfusedLittleKitty: must be
[7:49:34 PM] ConfusedLittleKitty: we should change the topic
Elvaneyl is at it again... lol

[12:22:19 AM] Eamon Ellenweorc: pouts
[12:22:33 AM] Elvaneyl: awwww... aren't you just being adorable today
[12:22:51 AM] Eamon Ellenweorc: hey!  I'm not adorable... I'm....
[12:22:52 AM] Eamon Ellenweorc: uh....
[12:22:57 AM] Eamon Ellenweorc: I dunno
[12:23:02 AM] Elvaneyl: me either
[12:23:17 AM] Elvaneyl: -looks up what species you are on google-
[12:25:20 AM] Eamon Ellenweorc: hahahahahaha
[12:25:29 AM] Eamon Ellenweorc: can google answer that?
[12:25:43 AM] Elvaneyl: not sure yet
[12:25:53 AM] Elvaneyl: I'm trying it in a different language now
[12:27:23 AM] Eamon Ellenweorc: hahahahaha
[12:27:29 AM] Eamon Ellenweorc: what language?
[12:27:47 AM] Elvaneyl: -fudge if I know, random choice-
[12:28:02 AM] Eamon Ellenweorc: LMAO
[12:28:53 AM] Eamon Ellenweorc: your search history must be really interesting lol
[12:29:52 AM] Elvaneyl: I'm pretty sure you're a leaf beetle.
[12:30:13 AM] Eamon Ellenweorc: ..... I'm not sure how I feel about that.
oh... YanShady your fears poll... yeah it made me have a horrible nightmare... I literally woke up breathing hard and heart racing... *shakes finger*


FieryMamaRow has started a donation pool!
11 / 4,000
I have really started to have fun with my writings lately and plan to do more with them and my characters.

Along those notes I'd really enjoy having a core membership. However donations are obviously appreciated but not required!

Llamas, watches, faves, comments, questions, etc are more important! So have fun, take a look around!

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Thank you so much for the watch, dear! :D I really appreciate the support, and hope you enjoy my work to come. :) Have a nice day~! :heart:
Thu Feb 2, 2017, 12:46 AM
Mon Jan 30, 2017, 1:09 AM
Fri Jan 27, 2017, 5:50 PM


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