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Mature content
The Making of a Fire Dragon :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 2 1
Things to Keep Track Of
Place names
Fyrenzxhia - Fire District Capital
Nokimaku - Wind District Capital
Aeryus High School - Specialty school in Nokimaku (Jace and Chi and went to this high school)
Hellebore Misericordia High School - Specialty school in Nokimaku (Masahiros went here, Sato teaches here, Luca is headmaster here)
Nokimaku High School - Regular high school
Merrow Hospital - Specialty Hospital
Nokimaku Hospital - Standard Hospital
Central Ministry - Where ETF currently holds its offices, also where Ministers gather when they are in session, and secretly the residence of the high minister
Bloody Mari Recording Studios - Owned by Masahiros. Run by Jace.  Named after Mariko
9th Street Club -- Hiro and Sei's club, managed by Naoki
Masahiro Hotel -- Hotel owned by Masahiros, penthouse apartment belongs to Hiro, Sei, Sato.
Temple of the Dead, Wind Temple -- both are next to each other, located in t
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 2 1
The Lover's Secret
Grandmother hadn't come out of her room in years it seemed like.  Ever since Chihiro died, she was withdrawn from society.  Well, actually, it was more that she adapted Sami's personality.  Well, at least his twin got up and left not only his room, but the house.  He supposed that Jace was a key factor in that.  Grandmother didn't have anyone.  It wasn't that Grandmother had been forgotten by any means.  She was still queen of the house, and what she said went.  But she just didn't want to deal with people. Mamoru sighed as he knocked on the door.  He and Grandmother, ever since Father, or the man they thought was their father until recently anyway, mercilessly abused him for being gay that first time, had developed a close bond.  So it was natural that he'd want her to be involved in this plan he had.
'Grandmother.  Might I come in?'
The soft voice, that sounded like a feminine version of Sami's, replied.  'Of course Mamoru.
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 3 8
Everyone's Human
I won't pretend that I'm perfect. But sometimes, I really hate people.  Or rather, their ignorance and/or sheer stupidity.  
It's easy to hate that which you don't understand.  There are many things in the world that are hard to understand, different from one person to next.  But the thing that has always bothered me is that people find it so easy to hate others because they are different.
This may be my own ignorance talking but I can't think of any religion where it is okay to kill/harm other people. Period.  I believe that God is understanding when it comes to war, or fighting for your country, as it takes great strength to do so, defend the land you're a part of. Defend its values. Defend its people  That is the only exception.  But what to me is a slap in the face to all those who fight for our country to maintain the freedom, is when we hate people and condemn them, simply because of who they are.  
Black white purple red, male female non-b
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 4 1
Mature content
Chocolate Overindulgence pt. 1 :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 3 3
#30 -Vampire Kitty In A Compromising Situation :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 9 7
The Transfer
After Seiichi left, Fred planted his face down on his desk.  The temptation to sleep was far too great.  But then again, he did want to see this case through that fell in his lap.  It did involve his secretary after all.  Which meant it could be a huge scandal.  There would be an internal affairs investigation to see how deep the roots of this case went of course, which wouldn't be easy for him. He could potentially lose his job. Though it was doubtful since he had nothing to do with any of this other than it was his secretary. He sighed and looked at the clock on the wall. It was 7 am now.  If he left at about 2 pm he could make it to the ETF offices on time and early even.  That gave him about seven hours.
Just then his office phone rang. 'Fyrenzxhia Police Chief Flynn speaking.'
'Ah good.  I am glad you answered, as I don't have your cell number.  Commander Masahiro just phoned me.  Told me he finally got you to agree to join the tas
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 6 4
quick draw and color of Sami and Mamo's tats :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 5 1
Mature content
I Hate Skype and Handwriting :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 3 2
Hair Refs/Practise - WIP :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 3 6
Mature content
Fools for Love (#62 - Nothing Matters) :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 4 8
Daydreamer - WIP :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 4 4
Mature content
Under House Arrest (#94 - Naughty Punishment) :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 4 4
Mature content
Three's Company... Or is it a Crowd? :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 4 25
Caught Red-Handed
Azrael shifted from his cat form, and then nodded. 'Hold on... There is an odd smell coming from her.  Give me her bookbag.'
'You smelled it too?' Aedan shifted the redhead in his arms and then held the black shoulderbag out for the cat.
'Yeah.  You didn't get the same close up smell I did last night, but I'm definitely smelling that smell again.' He took the bag, and opened it up.  At first he didn't see anything suspicious, and so he frowned.  He then looked over at Tox.
'You know her well. The smell I am smelling definitely is coming from here... Where would she hide something she wouldn't want found?'
Tox looked between the two Gods, hesitant to say anything.
The fox glared at the girl.  'Dear girl, you need to tell us.  If you don't, I'll just have to take it from you.  Which I'd rather not do.'
'All right.' She held out her hand for the bag. 'Give it to me, I will show you where she hides things.'
Azrael looked at Tox suspiciously, but then hand
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 2 5
#78 Background Music
'What's this, Dad? Did you write it?' He brushed his bangs out of his face, having just woke up and walked into his dad's room when he heard music playing.
'No...  Mamo heard it on the radio at his boyfriend's apartment one day, and thought it was a cute song that fit me.'
Seiichi sat down and took the sheet music from his dad. 'Huh... fits me too.  Well, if I believed in love.'
'Oh stop with that old line.  Like it or not, you're in love with him. Wanna sing it with me?'
'Whatever Dad.' He shrugged and then thought.  'Hold on.  I have a better idea.'
Seiichi gave a light tap on the aviators his dad wore on his head, making them fall into position over those red eyes. 'You'll need those. Don't want people fawning all over you.'
'Don't tell me we're leaving the house.'
'Of course.  When you're not doing your ministry work or performing, you're here.  You need to get out more.'
'There's a reason I don't go out.'
'Yeah yeah the fanbase. I know. J
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 3 3


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When drawing... Do you hold your tablet/sketchbook/paper/whatever 

4 deviants said Place it on your desk/table/whatever
2 deviants said *stand there and look pretty*
1 deviant said In your hand (+1)
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1 deviant said Draw? You're joking right?
No deviants said *smile and nod just pretending you know what on earth I'm talking about*




FieryMamaRow's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

My Works

I am a literary artist through and through. I mostly have written poetry in the past, although recently I have been doing more writing of short stories and novellas. Right now, I'm working on a lot of works mostly relating to my fantasy characters. I call the whole project 'Masahiro' even though I've really created an entire world that doesn't involve just Masahiros.
Occassionally I also write stories relating to my Guild Wars Characters, which is actually how I started out my Masahiro short story phase. I've also written stories in the past about my Lord of the Rings characters. Who knows, maybe I'll write more of those in the future.
I'm getting around to doing profiles of all my Main OCs, but since I have so many, its taking forever, especially since writing down the profiles is far more boring than writing stories. However they are coming!

The Artist's Profile

Name: Rowena, Row, Runi, Elanna, Amruniel, etc. Sorry you don't get my actual RL name. ;)
Age: Over 25, Under 30... That's all you're getting. Muahahahahahaha. Okay fine, I'm 27. Well, by the time I remember to update this, who knows, I might be 28. (Birthday's in May if you're wondering)
Hair Color Sepia (v. dark brown) with terracotta highlights
Eye Color Chocolate Brown
Height Too Short

My Favorites

Anime Yuri on Ice, Bleach
Manga Ranma 1/2
Disney MovieAladdin
Movie in General I'll get back to you, there are a lot
Books/Series Lord of the Rings, Les Miserables, Belgariad, Mallorean, To Kill a Mockingbird
Author Tolkien
Poet Langston Hughes
Artist Monet
Videogame Any Lego Videogame, Guild Wars 2, and a few others
Color Dark Purple, Silver and Green (together), Red and Black (together)

Other Info

You are welcome to draw any of my characters should you choose, just please credit me, AND tag me, cause I totally want to see!
Also Thank yous for faves, watches, llamas, etc, are not necessary, though appreciated. If you give me one of the following you can expect a watch/llama back within about 24 hours. (Give or take, I am a parent first and foremost so never know)
There is a donation box just below this as well, so do please donate if you choose so I can extend core, and pay for commissions, however it is of course not necessary!

Contact Info

I'm reachable here, or one of three other methods. Just a heads up though, if you contact me the other three ways, please let me know you are from dA and who you are, or I might hit delete/block
Email: rowena.annis @
Skype: rowenaellenweorc
Discord: FieryMamaRow#2602

Skype is probably the best way to reach me. Or a tag/note here lol

(Deviant ID Pic made courtesy of :iconrinmaru: 's mega anime avatar creator. Its my baby, Seiichi... Case that was hard to guess lol)


If anyone has a code they are willing to donate, let me know.  I'll return the favor when I can with something. Not sure what LOL
SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I think my Mamo is well loved lol... Cause my cool cat DanteKizu spoiled BOTH Elvaneyl and I with this one...  

Cutesy love~ by DanteKizu
Ugh so much to catch up on, and more ideas pop into my head every second.  Apologies for my unusually slow response time.  If there is something you'd like for me to see, note me, use the above listed contact info, OOOR tag me.

(PS tag me in your memes too.  I'd like to see em, but my inbox keeps filling up so I have to mass delete and don't see all the journals)

Again, my apologies everyone!  Hopefully I'll finally catch up on everything soon!
Ehhh Elvaneyl is spoiling me... goober.  Check out another artist, LadyDragonKia who drew this amazing rendition of my Mamo cutie.  THANK YOU BOTH!!!!!!!Mamoru by LadyDragonKia
Elvaneyl commissioned an AMAZING artist to draw my Mamo for me.... LOOK LOOK LOOK!!!!

PS check out xReinga 's other work too!  ITS AMAZING!  (I say this partly because there is a Masyn bab among the artworks and squee.... I love Maysn!)

[Cm] Elvaneyl by xReinga


FieryMamaRow has started a donation pool!
11 / 4,000
I have really started to have fun with my writings lately and plan to do more with them and my characters.

Along those notes I'd really enjoy having a core membership. However donations are obviously appreciated but not required!

Llamas, watches, faves, comments, questions, etc are more important! So have fun, take a look around!

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Thank you so much for the watch, dear! :D I really appreciate the support, and hope you enjoy my work to come. :) Have a nice day~! :heart:
Thu Feb 2, 2017, 12:46 AM
Mon Jan 30, 2017, 1:09 AM
Fri Jan 27, 2017, 5:50 PM


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