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10. The Return of the Forgotten
Outside the Central Ministry a sleek black cat slept by a rose bush. The sun was shining in such a way that it warmed the cat while the bush's shadow fell behind it, hiding from view a strange animal to be around.  This was a fox, and it seemed to be focused on the cat. After a while it looked around the bush, as if checking to see if anyone was looking, before it plodded in front of the bush and licked at the cat's neck.
The cat immediately woke up and stretched, showing off its long body.  And then he started hissing as soon as he recognized the fox. The fox of course yipped right back at the cat angrily. After a moment, of this it went silent, and the cat's black and white eyes locked onto the fox's teal and purple ones.  The staredown lasted about five minutes before finally the cat seemed to give up. He plodded off behind the bush and disappeared, only to reemerge as a man.
Well sort of.  He was the same ghostly white skinned man with black hair, with
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 2 0
Abandonment Issues
It happens so often,
People come and go in my life.
Always making me feel like
Yet again, I’m a screw up.
And every time they leave,
I go back to that place,
That corner.
Huddled in a ball,
Just wanting someone to love me.
Back to that child who
Longed for a place to call home.
And yet… all I see is
A home alone… Because I’m
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 1 1
Kazui #2 - When the Fox's Away, the Cat Will Play
Tamotsu Grocery
Ship's Quandary, Water Quarter
'Justin, I just finished inventorying all the goods that were delivered. Would you please restock them?'
'Certainly, Mr. Tamotsu.'
'Please... Kazui really is fine.' The dirty blonde haired man said with his usual happy smile and sparkle in his eyes. 
Justin nodded. The elemental went to the back of the store, and stretched his arms in the air before picking up the clipboard Kazui had left out detailing what the items were.  Justin shook his head.  The man's handwriting was so full of frills and curls, and here Justin was, wanting to be basically Kazui... He had been born a female.  Which should have been something to celebrate in their society.  Girls were the top of the hierarchy in any elemental society... But it just never felt right.  So from the moment he could make decisions himself, he wanted to be like the boys.  Though to be honest, even the guys in elemental society had a feminine air about them
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 3 4
Kazui #1 - The Overly Friendly Grocer
Tamotsu Grocery
Ship's Quandary, Water Quarter

It was a small fishing village in the Water Quarter, and like many coastal towns in the Water Quarter, almost every building was built with a sturdy stilted foundation, and the water ran under it. Most of the roads were well-worn bridges. At the edge of town was a small port, and on this port was everyone's favorite gathering spot, the Tamotsu Grocery.
It was run by a man who didn't look to be much older than eighteen, twenty at best (though in reality, he was in his mid forties), and everyone's favorite member of the community, despite the fact he wasn't even a water elemental. He had a sandy colored hair, somewhere between brown and blonde, one green eye, and one brown eye, his face was dotted with freckles, and almost always had a smile on his face. He was as kindhearted as he looked, and it made young and old alike trust him with their lives, as was the case today.
'Tamotsu Grocery...' The man picked up the phone as quickly as h
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 3 0
Tox #2 - The Lost Princess
Nephtalia, Water Quarter
'Blend in, Tox, blend in.' All around the black and green haired girl were elementals. Water elementals to be precise. Why hadn't she at least chosen the Fire Quarter, or even the Earth Quarter? It would have been much easier for her to blend in in either of those places than here. But her mother, from what she remembered, was afraid of water. She'd never in a million years step foot in the Quarter that was basically all water. 
Well, perhaps if she bought a kimono, she'd fit in more. People in the Water Quarter were elegant, and dressed formally from what she could tell. So she stopped at a dressmaker. 'E-e-excuse me,' she said softly. 
'Ah, yes, dear maiden... how might I help you?' The silver-skinned dressmaker asked in a tittery voice.
'I... I was wondering if you might have a kimono in my size?'
'Oh, no darling. Kimonos are more a Wind Quarter fashion. I do have a silver gown that looks like it was made for you though.'
Tox pursed her lips
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 1 1
Examine Your Zipper
 By now, a few of my siblings have become well enough known to you. Well I should clarify that. I mean my demon siblings. Four siblings you know of to be precise, because for the most part, they take up residence where my God-siblings currently reside. That's right, you idiots... I'm talking about the Masahiro kids and that Tamotsu brat. They're my God-siblings. And the twins and the Tamotsu brat? Yeah, I'm the reason they make frequent trips to the living world. But I digress...I'm getting off topic... I meant to tell you the thing you really wanted to hear about...One of the mysterious six demons you've not met... That's right. I'm one of those. You know Ael, you know Yoki, you know Zraz, and of course, you know Luca.  Luca. I like him. You wouldn't know by looking at the stuffy old guy, after all he's headmaster over at Hellebore Misericordia, but you see... He actually has quite a sense of humor.  Me, Yoki and Zraz, well, if you want to put a birth order, I suppos
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 2 0
Unplanned Proposal
‘Elite Task Force Offices, Elite Senior Detective Kin speaking.’
‘SIS! Its so good to hear your voice.’
‘Oh… its you,’ Ayame grumbled.
‘Hey… is that anyway to greet your sister?’
‘I greet most people I like that way, kidlet.’
‘I’m older than you.’
‘Don’t care.’
‘Damn sis, what the hell is wrong with you.’
‘Oh, I don’t know… In case you forgot, I GOT SHOT and I can’t hunt anymore. Leastwise not properly.’
‘I see….’
‘Enough of that subject… why are you calling my work…’
‘Because I don’t have your cell number. Never gave it to me when you um…’
‘I wasn’t allowed, remember? Anyway not what I meant.’
‘Oh right. Mom and Dad want to see you in the fire quarter for dinner tonight.’
‘Oh… fucking… joy.’
‘Might want to watch t
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 1 0
Mature content
Tox#1 - Escaped! :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 1 0
Mature content
Jun #3 - A Telling Meeting :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 1 2
Mature content
Jun #2 - Role Reversal :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 1 3
Mature content
Jun #1 - Allergic to Anal(?) :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 1 1
Mature content
Angel #3 - Seiichi's Worst Nightmare :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 0 0
Mature content
Angel #2 - An Angel's Justice :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 0 0
Mature content
Daffodils and Pizza :iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 2 0
Gender and Sexuality Files


Satoshi Masahiro
Fred Flynn
Hiroki Tamotsu
Mamoru MasahiroAzrael
Tracy Wynchill
Tsukiko Masahiro 
Ryoquo Voxlyn 
ZraznylIsamu Masahiro
Jace Himura
Trysten Haynes 
Aelody Magen 
Luciel Magen 
Seiichi Masahiro
Yoiichi (don't remember if I came up with a last name) Beatrice (Tox) Wynchill 
Ayame Kin 
Katsumi Tamotsu
Kyoko MasahiroMinori Kita-Kenshin
Eleanor Kita
Kyoko's unnamed wife
Shizuko Masahiro
Miyako Masahiro
Mariko MasahiroCameron
ZraznylRyuu Masahiro
Ashlily Masahiro
Kenshin Himura (Sheer coincidence his name is the same name as the character in Rurouni [sp?] Kenshin.  He was created after I created Jace, and it just happened the name paired up)
Cyrus Kita
Alannah Summers
August SummersChihiro Himura/Masahiro
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 0 0
Fight for Us
Many of you know that I've suffered through a lot of crap in my life. From it, I've developed anxiety, anti-social traits, seemingly unreasonable fears, and frequent self-loathing. Every day I wake up, and I argue with myself, and somehow, the logical side wins, reminding me that I'm beautiful, I'm brave, I'm strong, and screw what the world says.
You don't grow up in foster care for almost 8 years without having emotional, mental, physical, psychological scars. You don't go through being bullied for being different without getting more scars. Those scars run deep. No... scars is not the appropriate word.
Maybe battle wounds, because it is so easy to reopen the wounds. For years, I've struggled, because different wounds reopen at different times. Usually it isn't more than a couple wounds at a time, but each time the battle wound reopens, its as if it were a fresh wound.
But every day I have to remind myself... EVERY DAY I have to remind myself to keep fighting, that I am a fighter. No
:iconfierymamarow:FieryMamaRow 5 4




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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

My Works

I am a literary artist through and through. I mostly have written poetry in the past, although recently I have been doing more writing of short stories and novellas. Right now, I'm working on a lot of works mostly relating to my fantasy characters. I call the whole project 'Masahiro' even though I've really created an entire world that doesn't involve just Masahiros.
Occassionally I also write stories relating to my Guild Wars Characters, which is actually how I started out my Masahiro short story phase. I've also written stories in the past about my Lord of the Rings characters. Who knows, maybe I'll write more of those in the future.
I'm getting around to doing profiles of all my Main OCs, but since I have so many, its taking forever, especially since writing down the profiles is far more boring than writing stories. However they are coming!

The Artist's Profile

Name: Rowena, Row, Runi, Elanna, Amruniel, etc. Sorry you don't get my actual RL name. ;)
Age: Over 25, Under 30... That's all you're getting. Muahahahahahaha. Okay fine, I'm 28.
Gender:Non-Binary/Transmasc (cough... but to RL people, female cause I'm not out about that lol)
Pronouns: They/Them or He/Him (but again RL peeps call me she)
Hair Color Sepia (v. dark brown) with terracotta highlights
Eye Color Chocolate Brown
Height Too Short

My Favorites

Anime Yuri on Ice, Bleach
Manga Ranma 1/2
Disney MovieAladdin
Movie in General I'll get back to you, there are a lot
Books/Series Lord of the Rings, Les Miserables, Belgariad, Mallorean, To Kill a Mockingbird
Author Tolkien
Poet Langston Hughes
Artist Monet
Videogame Any Lego Videogame, Guild Wars 2, and a few others
Color Dark Purple, Silver and Green (together), Red and Black (together)

Other Info

You are welcome to draw any of my characters should you choose, just please credit me, AND tag me, cause I totally want to see!
Also Thank yous for faves, watches, llamas, etc, are not necessary, though appreciated. If you give me one of the following you can expect a watch/llama back within about 24 hours. (Give or take, I am a parent first and foremost so never know)
There is a donation box just below this as well, so do please donate if you choose so I can extend core, and pay for commissions, however it is of course not necessary!

Contact Info

I'm reachable here, or one of three other methods. Just a heads up though, if you contact me the other three ways, please let me know you are from dA and who you are, or I might hit delete/block
Email: rowena.annis @
Skype: rowenaellenweorc
Discord: Ren#2602
Twitter: @NBandQueerRen
Skype is probably the best way to reach me. Or a tag/note here lol

(Deviant ID Pic courtesy of :iconelvaneyl: of my babs Isamu and Mamoru.)



End of November:  Have Thrill of the Hunt finally finished
End of December: Finally finish Bloodlust so I can work on its sequel
End of January: Finish whatever the Hell I decide to call the Takashi story.

If I don't keep to this schedule, I may just go insane because I'm tired of my messed up storylines in my head and not being able to finish other stories with Elvaneyl cause of them.
I really should remove the phrase 'Damn straight' from my vocabulary... Especially since I keep using it at the most in opportune times.
'I'm one of the stereotypical sassy gays.'
'Damn straight.'

Discussion about something LGBTQ+ related...
'Damn straight.'
'Uh.. Ren, you do know you're not straight... right?'
'Shut up.'
Elvaneyl discord tag in my profile is once again accurate... Sorry was asleep when you skyped me.
IMPORTANT (at least to me):  There was a shooting at the University of Utah.  Entire Campus is on lockdown, and as are both hospitals and the cancer center. Please keep us in your thoughts, prayers, whatever it is you do... And hope the police, EMTs, etc, all those on the search for the shooter are safe as well.
One is confirmed dead.  If you wish to read more about it here's a link though there aren't many details as of yet. --…

(If you can't read the link, I noticed its already in papers all around the country. So feel free to look it up)


FieryMamaRow has started a donation pool!
11 / 4,000
I have really started to have fun with my writings lately and plan to do more with them and my characters.

Along those notes I'd really enjoy having a core membership. However donations are obviously appreciated but not required!

Llamas, watches, faves, comments, questions, etc are more important! So have fun, take a look around!

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